Delivery Information



We value each our customers and therefore we offer the most convenient ways of payments and delivery.


Pay your order in our online store in three ways:

1. cash on receipt;

2. credit card;

3. by bank transfer.


Attention! In case of payment orders by credit card or bank transfer delivery of goods occurs only after transfer to the account  the total sum.

Delivery by own transport service company «HD-group».

Date and time of delivery are negotiated with our manager on the phone.




Delivery options in Riga and the rest of the territory of Latvia.

Delivery is handled by «HD-group» carrier (in Riga only) and courier service. 

Goods are delivered on business days from 10:00a.m. to 20:00.

Delivery terms:

Delivery of goods in Riga carried out within two business days following the order confirmation

After the down-payment has been received to «HD-group» account the delivery of the goods is carried out by courier service in the district centres of Latvia within three business days 

In the rest of Latvia the delivery time is four business days

The price of delivery:

4.27 EUR (3.00 LVL) incl. VAT in Riga

7.11 EUR (5.00 LVL) incl. VAT in the whole territory of Latvia

In case of questions or doubt you are kindly welcome to contact our managers.

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Negotiated price.

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